Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Can we get this done today?

Happy Wednesday

Making requests.....

Watch the video, can you identity the words used to make requests? ask permission?

Think of a time when you borrowed money from a bank.
Find a partner.  Come up with a dialogue for requesting a mortgage loan from a bank. 

Let's talk about modals... can, could, may, would, could

Watch the video below 2 times.

1) Ask for the script, then practice the dialogue with a partner.  One of you is Friend 1, the other Friend 2.

2) Do this exercise online, a script is available. Repeat until you get all the answers correct.

3) Let us role play!

4) In class written exercise. 

5) Now that you have practiced making requests, create a dialogue to upload to your blog.   
     Choose your own topic. A topic might be "getting supplies in a supermarket" or "going out with a 
     good friend."  
     Make sure to make use of the new vocabulary learnt (modals).

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