Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Wednesday..:} Where have you been recently?

Wednesday's assignment

Look at the map of Toronto. Can you find where you live?

Now go to google.com and type in your address.  
Find your neighbourhood, maybe your house.
Identify places of interest in your neighbourhood.

1) Find a partner!
Where does your partner live?
Write down the information in 4 or more sentences.

2) Remain in pairs.
Let's go outside your neighbourhood. Think of a place of interest you have visited in Toronto.
Find the place on google.com. Describe your experience.

3) Interview some of your fellow students. See if you can come up with 5 interesting places in Toronto. Write them down. 
Present to the class.

Watch the video below.

Watch it at least 3 times.
What is the video about? Take some notes.


1) Let's talk about it.
Anything familiar?

2) You will be given the video script.
Work with your classmates to complete the script.

3) Circle any word that you don't understand or is new to you.

Can you write a summary of what you saw in the video?  
We will do this together in class.

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